Fortune Place, Edinburgh
Potterrow, Edinburgh
This was my response to a brief working with Castle Rock Edinvar -  one of Scotland's leading housing associations and a Scottish Charity. The breif was to design a way to stop the areas that lead up to the housing from being graffitied. It cost Castle Rock Edinvar a lot of money to keep on doing various paint jobs to cover the graffiti and it was time for a more inspiring outcome.

Speaking to the residents of the housing in person reinforced the idea that the design or artwork needed to be primarily for their enjoyment since they lived there without the main idea focussed on correcting the wrongdoers of Edinburgh. For this project I proposed to bring the residents the colour, uniqueness and excitement they asked for all along with a comforting relation to themselves and their homes where they live.  

To embrace the idea of coming home, I proposed to give them their own doormat as well as a mural of doormats. This would be a collaborative piece by the people who lived in these certain areas of Edinburgh. It brings a sense of personality and ownership towards their doorways and the area surrounding it.  

During the summer, I carried out this project in two different locations in Edinburgh. The results were overwhelming both times. To get to know and speak to the residents of these different areas was so inspirational on its own. They had amazing stories to tell and really appriciated the project. I even got someone to paint who said he didn't want to be made a fool of as he didn't like painting. He made one of the best doormats in my opinion.