Debra Kidd is a teacher and author who has realised that education has become fixed on conformity and compliance at the expense of creativity. Extensively note taking on Debra Kidd’s whole speech was very valuable research as it really highlighted her passion for the core meanings behind her speech and made the one minute excerpt far more meaningful. The main thing I took from the speech was the example of the atom which includes replacing objectives with really proactive questions, for example; “Today we are going to learn about the atom” replaced with “Is it true that the chair you are sitting on has no outline of its own?” I compare this method of teaching to my own mother’s experience of teaching home economics.

She would say that the children who struggled in the maths class thrived in her cookery classes. They wouldn’t realise it however as they were cooking, putting together a meal plan, etc, they would be multiplying, equating and doing all the things that they were taught in the maths class. This semiotic vs. semantic way of learning is something that I have incorporated in my animation. I have used a lateral over literal approach. I have based my concept on a time when I was young: daydreaming and staring out of the window in the classroom. Those were the times that ignited my imagination most of all. My animation expresses that looking to education should be an experience which will light your imagination on fire, whether it comes from the classroom or not.