Freddy Taylor of KesselsKramer London returned to Edinburgh College of Art graphic design department to challenge the 2nd and 3rd year students with a 30-hour brief.

In our team of 7 we decided that the easiest way to attract attention would be to create a scandalous or absurd event but design the advertising campaign in a way that would be believable. We sought to take advantage of people's suggestibility once a story is spread enough. 

We chose to create a fake animal fighting event called Exotic Animal Showdown.

We quickly began to build a strong online presence. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts immediately attracted attention but we knew that to make it believable we had to have a physical presence. We planned to begin advertising around the Meadows and Royal Mile area of Edinburgh the next morning.

We produced posters, pickets and flyers printed onto bright stock and began distributing them in teams with two cameras following. Crudely made t-shirts with our hashtag also featured. We became inundated with emails, tweets and Facebook messages from the public questioning the show.

At the end of the 30 hours we had reached over 1500 people. After a few days we decided to make good use of our quickly-gained attention and switched our advertising to encourage people to donate money to the WSPA, a global animal welfare charity who help stop real events like the 'Exotic Animal Showdown'.