Gin Dance ~
Yeahyeeaaahhhyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhh. In Palma they know how gin should be - free pour and served in an icy big ass glass! Too often into temptation we would fall for this luxury we could not resist. As a result gin, in all its glory, became a staple of exciting memories, friendly faces, wild nights and bustling places!! Salud!
On a Bender ~ 
So in Palma 'Ruta Martes' occurs every week on a Tuesday and it's great - pubs will sell pinchos and caƱas for a cheap price. On this particular mid-summer Tuesday night we drank quite a lot. So... we decide to make our way home. As I was exiting the taxi I go forward to lean on a pole beside the bike lane for assistance. The next minute there I am lying on the road in fits of laughter! In this early hour of the morning we spent ages and ages playing with this - at the time - fascinatingly hilarious new discovery of bendy poles... bendy bike lane poles. 
To me, it will forever remain as one of the funniest nights I've had here.
Wobbly Little Cuarto ~ 
This little piece of sponge still fills me with so much joy. Really need to go back to C'an Joan de S'Aigo (Palma's oldest patisserie) very very soon!